Aurora Modules

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We supply our range of modular software packages and support direct to laboratories with minimal configuration required.

Aurora Stats

Aurora Stats provides quick, efficient statistical evaluation of control data. The interface can support direct analyzer data input or manual entry. Standard Precision Levey-Jennings with Westguard Rules are assignable. Aurora Stats can receive data from a wide range of instruments and allows for manual entry of QC data if required.

Aurora Bi-Directional Interface

ABDI is an interface tool that facilitates electronic data exchange between an external source and Middleware Software. Examples of external sources are laboratory instruments and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS). It is primarily used where the output from a device such as a laboratory analyzer is not compatible with the receiving middleware system.

Aurora Acclaim

Aurora Acclaim is accessioning software which takes sample data and results information and compiles it for complete test order profile management. Aurora AccLaIM generates test orders (profile or individual tests) and the reconciliation of orders versus the samples received. Aurora AccLaIM reports at client level and can accept initial orders by electronic file transfer, bar code scanners or manually via a keyboard. Orders can be generated within Aurora or imported from a Laboratory Information System (LIMS) or other device such as a decapping or racking device.

Aurora Liberty Srimport

Aurora Liberty Srimport imports results from laboratory instruments, typically chemistry analyzers. Consolidates predetermined results from external instruments. The software does not contain any interpretation algorithms as it relies on the instrument for interpretation of results and QC. From within the software the operator can hold, review and invalidate data to prevent export to an external system.

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