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Customer support is at the heart of our business.

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional service with unparalleled technical expertise and professionalism, which leaves the customer feeling valued and respected. Our dedicated team and help desk provides prompt technical support, remotely or on-site, to some of the busiest laboratories worldwide.

BDS offer a number of support service level agreements and will work with our partners to ensure they are receiving the correct level of support for their business requirements. The types of support and maintenance packages we supply to our partners include:

Standard Support Packages

  • Includes critical assistance to maximize up time and end user satisfaction
    • Incident management
    • Problem management
    • Request fulfilment
    • Root cause analysis
  • Product support and response times, based on pre-defined SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Local office hours or optional UK and US hours

Add-On Support and Maintenance Packages

  • Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP)
    • Product enhancements delivered to an agreed schedule and cost
  • Post Market Surveillance and Cybersecurity
    • Testing Windows updates against product performance and functionality
    • Cybersecurity vulnerability monitoring with planned mitigations
  • Product training
    • On-site or remote, including train the trainer
  • Installation support
    • Either remote or on-site installation assistance
  • New instrument interfaces
    • Establish instrument communications and result import into BDS Middleware
  • LIS interfaces
    • Bespoke formatting of result data for customer LIS
  • Custom Reports
    • Either data exports or paper based reports
  • Software upgrades
    • Benefit from the latest functionality or features
  • Out of hours support
    • For planned events outside of the core business hours

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