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  • Your lab will achieve compliance, improve efficiency, and save money
  • Quality Managers will have peace of mind that compliance is being maintained
  • Your lab will be a step closer to reaching carbon net zero
  • Patient safety will be improved

Providing Lab solutions is what we do. It’s in our DNA

Ever since Biomedical Data Solutions began in 1983, our organisation has been at the forefront for developing efficient and compliant laboratory software solutions. Several of our staff have held senior lab roles, and have experienced firsthand the strains, stresses, and constant requirements that lab professionals encounter. Vigilant supports organisations as they strive to optimise performance, sustainability, compliancy, whilst simultaneously balancing restricted budgets.

Our unique Vigilant Lab Solutions product suite has been designed by our lab experts to meet your lab needs

Our vision is to be the leading provider of high-quality laboratory software, empowering professionals in improving patient care, supporting compliance, and managing sustainability

Our promise is to always listen, understand and collaborate with laboratory professionals.

We will continue to develop and deliver unique quality software that addresses the leading issues that labs experience

We strive to identify areas in which our software solutions can further enhance efficiency, support laboratory compliance, and ultimately lead to improved patient care

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