Aurora Enterprise

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Modular software platform which captures any type of data provided by laboratory instruments and software.

Aurora Enterprise is a software platform which captures any type of data provided by laboratory instruments and software. The data can be in the form of sample related data or instrument specific information that needs to be verified against other data. Software includes a powerful user configurable Rules Engine for data management, sample management and reporting.

  • Capture any data in any format from any source
  • Interface multiple platforms like LIS systems and Instruments
  • Dashboard display providing critical information
  • Import or export instrument data to host system(s)
  • Intuitive orders and results management modules
  • Flexible workflow and rules base
  • CE marked and 510(k) cleared

Aurora Enterprise has a broad range of functionality and can be utilised differently depending on requirements e.g.

  • Integrated into an instrument
    • Raw data reduction, database, and/or user interface.
  • External computer for instruments
    • Direct user interface with access to generated data.
  • Integrating components for system-like user experience
    • Pipettor(s) and reader(s), pipettor extraction, reagent addition.
  • Middleware
    • Collating results, repeat, retest and reflex test management
    • LIS/LIMS transfer, etc
    • Integrating multiple instrument of same type
    • Integrating various instruments within the laboratory
    • Interfacing with host system to increase power of the analyzer system
    • Manage mixed workloads on several interconnected systems
  • LIMS-Lite
    • For donor center or similar environments, work orders can be entered directly into Aurora Enterprise system or received from an external source (bar code reader/decapper). Results data can be linked to patient demographic data

How it works

  • Linking multiple instruments via a single interface
  • Linking multiple instruments into a linear workflow
  • Linking instrumentation to multiple LIS/LIMs to support optimized load balancing
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