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Create additional functionality within your instrument or offer a branded middleware package to the laboratory via OEM software.

Biomedical Data Solutions has long standing partnerships with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies and provides fully embedded core data management functions inside some of the world’s most successful laboratory instruments.

We offer the IVD industry a partner who will develop fully customized solutions or configurations of off-the-shelf packages that can be offered under an OEM label. This allows for significant differentiation from the competition, by adding value with high quality, yet flexible data management solutions, enabling OEM partners to accelerate instrument placements in the market.

We can combine your specific knowledge of the various markets, reagent and instrument know-how with our applied expertise in software design and data management. Well defined specification, close project management and the use of flexible modular software, ensures that projects will be completed on time, on budget and to your exact specification.

Our flexibility, reliability and experience provides unparalleled value. A partnership which allows you the opportunity to focus on your core business, while we focus on delivering software solutions tailored to your requirements.

Flexibility in software design enables efficient off-the-shelf solutions or highly customized functionality that empower you to differentiate solutions to your customers Flexibility in business partnership arrangements that are  tailored to support your needs. The reliability of our high quality proven solutions is backed by 5,000 worldwide installations. Our project management process ensures that you have what you require, when you require it and within  agreed budgets. Design control, testing documentation and supply documentation, takes the worry out of placing your software development in our hands.

The objective and commitment is simple: deliver a workable solution, on time, on budget and form a successful long term partnership.

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