STRATEC Biomedical UK Ltd Acquired by Total Specific Solutions B.V.

On May 4, 2020, Biomedical Data Solutions Ltd (formerly STRATEC Biomedical UK Ltd), became part of Total Specific Solutions B.V. ( Total Specific Solutions provides the financial backing and expertise of a large company, while at the same time running a decentralized model keeping well established brands intact. Under Total Specific Solutions, Biomedical Data Solutions operates alongside more than 35 other unique software companies, each providing superior solutions in their respective areas of expertise. Biomedical Data Solutions remains an independently operated business based in Burton upon Trent, UK.

Rebecca Stead, Managing Director at Biomedical Data Solutions Ltd.: "It will be exciting to be part of one of Europe’s leading vertical market software groups, TSS. We now have the best of both worlds, having been part of a company providing automated analyzer systems in the diagnostic industry, we are now joining a vertical market software-focused company who believes in the software for life principle. We look forward to collaborating and growing our business within the TSS group, whilst ensuring continuity for the company, our clients, and our employees."