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Unique Laboratory focused software, designed by our lab experts to meet your lab needs

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    Is your stock at optimum levels? Is it stored in the right condition, location, and used efficiently before expiry?

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    Do you have 100% confidence that the stock you’re using is validated and ready for use?

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    Can you create and uniquely identify in-house reagents? Are your component records easily accessible and auditable for full traceability?

Vigilant – The ultimate Laboratory Software Solution “Designed by labs for labs”

Vigilant Software give you confidence in your internal processes and provides objective evidence of ISO 15189 compliance.

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Vigilant addresses the unique stock issues that laboratories continually encounter, as they strive to be compliant, reduce wastage and operate in a safer and more efficient manner

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The Benefits

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BDS has been providing lab focused software solutions for 40 years. Several of our staff have held senior lab roles and bring with them a wealth of experience. Previously, one of our clients referred to us as ‘an extension to their lab’ because we understand, empathise, and can address their leading issues. Providing lab solutions is in our DNA!

Reagent Creation

Vigilant Stock Management records and validates the creation of in-house reagents, including the batch numbers of each of their components. It provides traceability in a fully auditable and reportable format.

Lot Validation

Vigilant Stock Management enables the tracking of a unique assigned stock identifier, and electronically records the validation data in a fully auditable and reportable format.

Reduced Wastage

Vigilant Stock Management assists in reducing wastage through ensuring the use of in-date, accurately stored, compliant, validated stock. Users are prompted to use products nearing their expiry date, as opposed to an identical product type that is showing as having a longer shelf life. In addition, Vigilant’s real-time automated data entry reduces the use of unnecessary paper documentation.

Full Traceability

Vigilant Stock Management provides electronic time stamped records of who was involved with specific stock throughout the lab, from originally booking goods in, to when, where and how they are stored, validated, and used within the various processes.

Money Saving

Vigilant Stock Management helps labs avoid costs relating to the mismanagement of unused and invalid stock. Automated traceability and reporting processes ensure time and money is saved in relation to stock control, audit preparation and through avoiding non-compliance issues.

Pro-active dashboard

Vigilant Stock Managements pro-active dashboard ensures users can always remain informed as to stock usage, wastage, and validation activities.

Accurate Storage

Vigilant Stock Management ensures stock is stored in a suitable environment. This will help labs to meet with the manufacturer’s recommendations, therefore avoid risking invalidation.

Mobile Solution

Vigilant Stock Management provides a real time stock management software that users can access from any connected desktop within the lab, or via mobile devices.

Support & Development

Biomedical Data Solutions Head Office is based in Burton on Trent and has a global presence. We have long established global laboratory specialist clients to which we offer dedicated expertise and support. We provide a range of flexible development and support packages that can cater for the requirements of all laboratories, small or large, and we have the right skills and services to meet and grow with each of their needs.