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Laboratory Task Management

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    Are your routine laboratory tasks always completed on time, easily traceable and accessible for inspection and audit?

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    Does laboratory paperwork surrounding regulatory directives, guidelines and SOP’s hinder your operating effectiveness?

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    Would you like an integrated electronic method of monitoring information in real time, providing alerts if tasks are incomplete or out of date?

Manage every task, cut out paperwork and reduce workload with a reliable, browser-based, easy to access system that ensures nothing is ever missed, no records are lost and all procedures are fully traceable. In other words...

Vigilant - Just click for compliance

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Vigilant is software which allows labs to electronically enter and manage any routine or ad hoc laboratory task normally recorded using ‘tick box and signature’ paper-based records.

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  • Device-related maintenance tasks
  • General tasks associated with SOP’s and guidelines
  • Any task currently recorded using a ‘tick box’ and signature ‘pen and ink’ paper-based system
  • Device maintenance/service history documents

The Benefits

  • Saves time, effort and money
  • Ensures no task is missed
  • 100% traceability and audit reports
  • Real-time task status and alerts
  • Supports a well-structured Quality Management System
  • Readily accessible evidence of compliance
  • Role-based access levels
  • Vigilant is a web browser based real-time task management software normally installed within a lab network, that can then be run from any PC or even a mobile tablet
  • UK-based support & development

Easily collect records of task scheduling and completion and make the information readily available to inspection and monitoring authorities. Electronically provide clear, up-to-date, and easily accessible task information with a full audit trail.

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Aurora Vigilant has the potential to completely remove the necessity for 'paper based record keeping' when monitoring laboratory tasks. Professor Tim Reynolds, Queen’s Hospital, Burton Upon Trent.

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