Aurora Vigilant

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Manage records of task scheduling and completion and make the information readily available to inspection and monitoring authorities with a full audit trail.

Aurora Vigilant is software which allows labs to electronically enter and manage any routine or ad hoc laboratory task and documentation normally recorded using ‘tick box and signature’ paper-based records. These can be:

  • Instrument related maintenance tasks
  • General tasks associated with SOP’s and guidelines
  • Any task currently recorded using a ‘tick box’ and signature ‘pen and ink’ paper-based system
  • Instrument maintenance/service history documents

Easily collect records of task scheduling and completion and make the information readily available to inspection and monitoring authorities. Electronically provide clear, up-to-date, and easily accessible task information with a full audit trail.

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Aurora Vigilant has the potential to completely remove the necessity for 'paper based record keeping' when monitoring laboratory tasks. Professor Tim Reynolds, Queen’s Hospital, Burton Upon Trent.

Improve Regulatory Compliance and Reduce Paperwork Overload with Aurora Vigilant.

  • Secure electronic monitoring and recording every routine laboratory task removing the necessity for paper-based record keeping, thereby freeing up shelf space
  • Laboratory tasks are completed easily on a mobile device or workstation at the ‘click of a button’ with no need for ‘pen and ink’ signatures
  • Tasks can be scheduled electronically and assigned to individual technicians or groups of technicians with ‘lock out’ of unauthorized staff
  • Laboratory task status (complete/incomplete) can be accessed remotely on hand-held devices and PC workstations for manager’s review
  • The system provides a ‘real time’ lab task status overview with email alerts and allows for immediate corrective action to be taken if important tasks are not completed on time

The Benefits of Aurora Vigilant include:

  • The information is held securely with easy access to stored information and full audit trail and the ability to produce timely reports for inspection and clinical audit
  • Reduce the costs associated with instrument upkeep and servicing by reducing the number of unscheduled emergency call outs
  • Reduce instrument ‘down-time’ to increase productivity
  • Reduce non-conformities with CE/IVD/ISO standards increasing the validity of instrument results

How it works

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